Our History

Plastic bags are dispensed

<small>2015</small><br />Plastic bags are dispensed<br> 

KiK is the first Germany-wide company to dispense fully with plastic bags and introduces cotton and re-usable carrier bags.

KiK signs the Alliance for Sustainable Textiles

<small>2015</small><br />KiK signs the Alliance for Sustainable Textiles<br> 

KiK signs the Alliance for Sustainable Textiles.

First store in the Netherlands

KiK opens its first store in the Netherlands.

Strong commitment to social responsibility

<small>2013</small><br />Strong commitment to social responsibility<br> 

With its second sustainability report, KiK announces the business positioning of the company in economic, ecological and social terms. KiK is one of the first companies to sign up to the Fire Protection and Building Safety Agreement, thereby underlining the company’s commitment to social responsibility.

KiK goes online

<small>2013</small><br />KiK goes online<br> 

The company opens its online shop, www.kik.de.

The new KiK 17 concept

<small>2012</small><br />The new KiK 17 concept<br> 

Store conversion begins in accordance with the KiK 17 concept, with the objective of modernising all stores and upgrading the interior fittings.

First sustainability report

<small>2011</small><br />First sustainability report<br> 

Publication of the first sustainability report enables KiK to accommodate growing interest in the ecological and social aspects of the company.

Service Unit in Bangladesh

<small>2011</small><br />Service Unit in Bangladesh<br> 

Our Service Unit in Dakar, Bangladesh opens. It helps suppliers there to improve product quality and production conditions.

First stores in Croatia

In 2011, the first stores in Croatia opend theis doors.

3,000 stores all across Europe

The company opens its 3,000th store in Europe.

Sustainability becomes a priority

The management introduces new functions to the company with sustainability management and corporate communication. Further, a uniform basic pay rate of € 7.50 per hour is fixed.

KiK’s largest store opens in Berlin

<small>2009</small><br />KiK’s largest store opens in Berlin<br> 

Our largest store with a sales area of 2,200 m² opens its doors in Berlin-Reinickendorf.

KiK and Ergee

<small>2009</small><br />KiK and Ergee<br> 

KiK extends its range with the purchase of the traditional brand Ergee.

First stores in Slovakia and Hungary

Continously expandation: After Slovenia and the Czech Republic in 2007, we went to Slovakia and Hungary in 2008.

First stores in Slovenia and Czech Republic

KiK expands into Eastern Europe: in 2007 into Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

KiK turns 10

<small>2004</small><br />KiK turns 10<br> 

KiK celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2004.

500 Stores in Germany

<small>1999</small><br />500 Stores in Germany<br> 

KiK opens its 500th store in Germany after just 5 years.

First store in Austria

<small>1998</small><br />First store in Austria<br> 

Four years after the company foundation, KiK moves southwards and opens the first stores in Austria.

KiK was founded

<small>1994</small><br />KiK was founded<br> 

The foundation stone for “KiK Textilien und Non-Food GmbH”, the company newly founded by Stefan Heinig and the Tengelmann Company Group, is laid with the opening of the first store in Gerresheim.