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A brief history

KiK 17 ConceptIn our early years of trading, we were mostly known for our rapid expansion. During this time, our signal red-colored stores highlighted our high-profile arrival in the marketplace and generated an enormous degree of brand recognition. At the time, the focus was on the high turnover of goods in the stores; with a view to reducing costs and guaranteeing a quick rollout, product displays and the look of the stores were kept as plain and simple as possible.

However, just as the trading landscape is constantly changing, so are the expectations of customers. Along with inexpensive prices, the customers also expect a pleasant atmosphere when they are shopping. The new concept we have developed is a contemporary one which goes beyond the pure discount thinking of needs-based purchasing and offers our customers a meaningful and friendly shopping experience.

“As well as value for money prices, the customer expects a pleasant atmosphere in the store.”

KiK Instore

KiK Instore