Sustainability at KiK

KiK SustainabilityAt KiK, sustainability means reducing the environmental effects associated with commercial activity, using the required resources as effi ciently as possible and improving social and employment law minimum requirements globally. To this end, we have established strategic action fields in which we define, implement and check very specific measures and targets for more sustainability.

“We focus our commitmenton the supply chain and the product, on climate and ressource protection, as well as on employee development.”

Suppliers – Binding in every relationship

Everywhere we do business, we require our worldwide suppliers to comply with generally applicable employment laws and social standards. The requirement to pay the minimum wage, compliance with country-specific working hours, prohibition of child and forced labour, and the implementation of fundamental safety standards are all included in every supplier contract. We check compliance with this obligation on a regular basis. If improvement is needed, the process is monitored and final implementation verified.

Communication – Transparent and results-oriented

In order to include the diversity of political and societal demands in a way that is compatible with sustainability and to introduce them in a sound way into the company, KiK has set up a staff unit and thereby made communication in political/economic dialogues a permanent component of corporate strategy. Since then, the demands of claimants and the interests of the company have been constructively discussed in numerous discussions with non-government organisations, government organisations, political decision-makers, and industry representatives. As part of this commitment, KiK has made significant contributions in every important multi-stakeholder initiative in recent years – from the Fire Protection and Building Safety Agreement in Bangladesh through to the German Textile Alliance.

KiK CSR Report 2016Sustainability Report

Download our Sustainability Report 2016 as PDF.

Code of Conduct

In all our commercial activities, we cultivate business contacts with local producers in many countries. In 2006, we drew up a compulsory set of basic principles for all our suppliers: the KiK Code of Conduct (CoC).

This is based on the International Labour Organization (ILO) convention, and governs adherence to minimum standards in respect of working conditions in factories producing items for KiK.

At the outset, not every supplier that would like to work with us meets the conditions laid down in our CoC. Such factories must submit themselves to “social audits” designed to identify areas in need of improvement. In China and Bangladesh, our main procurement markets, we have already carried out over 1,000 of these social audits. On the basis of these, areas for improvement are identified, and the supplier will only be permitted to work with KiK if these are implemented. The necessary measures are worked out and discussed jointly with the supplier. And since KiK cultivates long-term relationships with its suppliers, we also collaborate with them on workshops and training activities.